For Clients of Advisors

Working with An Advisor

For many investors, working with a knowledgeable, objective, financial advisor is the best way to understand their financial situation and create an investment strategy that helps meet their goals. Finding holistic solutions to financial challenges is critical, and advisors need to be able to deliver advice that is crafted to their clients’ specific needs. You can expect your advisor to:  

  • Define your financial goals and time horizon
  • Determine your risk tolerance – how much volatility can you handle?
  • Develop an investment policy statement – document how your account will be managed and implemented
  • Supervise the implementation of your portfolio – work directly with the portfolio managers to make this happen
  • Regularly report and interpret your allocation and performance – monitor your portfolio and make adjustments accordingly to meet your goals 

When Your Advisor Partners With Gemmer

By partnering with Gemmer, your advisor has access to our expertise in portfolio management, asset allocation, trading and reporting to help them build effective financial solutions for you that meet your goals today and tomorrow. We work together to: 

  • Design your portfolio– by utilizing proven, time-tested investment principles
  • Reduce your investment risk – by diversifying across asset classes and styles to reduce overall risk and enhance return
  • Continuously monitor the market – so that your advisor can review your portfolio as conditions change and make recommendations as needed
  • Do extensive due diligence on money managers – to help ensure only superior managers handle your investing dollars
  • Provide thorough reporting – to make sure advisors receive all the important information about your account they need
  • Act as thought leaders – to help advisors & clients stay abreast of the market, we strive to publish pieces that are understandable and educational 

Working together, your advisor and Gemmer Asset Management focus locally and invest globally to build a strong investment plan that will give you security and comfort.