Manager/ EFT Selection

At Gemmer, we know that the key to consistent performance is the scrupulous evaluation and selection of managers/ETFs for the asset classes we build into our portfolios. We will search the country to find high-quality institutional money managers, and select them only after a painstaking and thorough process that involves sifting through and analyzing thousands of strategies. Through a series of intricate investment criteria, we select approximately 200 managers that we follow on a daily basis.
From this group, we thoroughly evaluate each manager and determine whether it fits into our asset class and style diversification criteria. Importantly, we look at each firm’s record:

  • Who makes the key decisions?

  • How long have they been managing the fund?

  • What is their investment philosophy?

  • What is their management style?

  • Can they move quickly if market and economic conditions warrant it?

And throughout this process, we have our clients’ concerns in mind. As a result, at the end of this rigorous process, we have a high level of confidence in the mutual funds/ETFs that are included in our diversified portfolios.